UK Packaging Awards Finalists 2012!

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UK Packaging Awards Finalists 2012!


Topdental Products Ltd have been short listed from thousands of Global companies such as Coca-Cola, Asda, Kraft, Pepsi, Smurfit, Heinz etc. for a new packaging idea developed by the company at its headquarters in Yorkshire.

The prestigious award taking place at The Hilton Hotel on Park Lane this November, is the “Packaging Industries” most coveted Global Award. The awards are entered by some of the world’s largest companies in an effort to display innovative and most desirable packaging on earth.

Topdental have taken 6 years to research, innovate and manufacture what has been described as” Europe’s Most Comprehensive non invasive Medical Device disinfectant, VIROFEX TM.

Virofex TM was developed following years of research into chemical composition and testing against viruses and certain spores. Managing Director Peter Tapper says ‘We wanted to create a surface disinfectant that would work on any surface, regardless of what type of material it is being used on. We wanted a unique product that remained stable, environmentally friendly, non-hazardous in use and with a unique packaging concept for ease of use for the Dentist and assistant’. The final product had to pass strict testing under the guidance of the Medical Devices Directive on European legislation and was passed as a Class 11a product for use on non invasive Medical Devices in both Dental surgeries and also Operating theatres.

We worked and developed a small 8ml cartridge of highly concentrated chemistry that could be mixed with tap water in order to create a workable, Alcohol free effective blend. The Virofex TM is extremely easy and speedy to use and saves the end user from having to dispose of large empty 5 litre packaging. We then had to develop and prototype a unique dispensing method, so a special bottle had to be designed for this use. The 500ml bottle is unique to the cartridge system and can be sprayed or poured onto cloths for disinfection. Each bottle had two side slots which the assistant can use for spare cartridges, so each bottle potentially holds 1.5 litre yet is only the size of a 500ml bottle.

Price of course was a major issue with the concept; the product must not only give the highest disinfection, but will also be able to compete with any current price on the market.

The actual cartridges are dispensed with a patented wall or cupboard mounted plastic dispenser, each cartridge is removed from the base of the dispenser and then the next cartridge drops into place for the next use. The dispenser box holds 10 cartridges which is the equivalent of a full 5 litre traditional bottle and yet only measures 2.5cm wide x 24cm in height and fits snugly in any draw. The dispenser can also be fixed to the wall or cupboard with adhesive strips which are provided.

Not only does the dispenser look superb and modern but it also has the benefit of a unique Biocote technology, the surface of every refill dispenser box will effectively kill bacteria such as MRSA 7 days a week/ 24hours a day. The BioCote uses silver Ion technology and is blended onto the plastic surface of the dispenser box.

Peter Tapper said the Virofex was launched at the ADEEC Dental show in Dubai during February 2012. 82% of all Dentists seeing the product on the stand wanted to place orders. The show initially was to test the market as to whether the product would generally be accepted as a packaging concept. We were delighted with the outcome and have since signed up 12 countries in the Middle East for exclusive rights to distribute Virofex TM.

Virofex has since been launched at the main Singapore Dental/Medical show and subsequently exclusive dealers have been appointed in Malaysia and Japan.

The products packaging design and brand image had so much interest from around Europe and we were amazed at the number of companies that were eager to purchase the product. We were then approached by the UK Packaging industry to see if they could have the product inspected by a panel of experts from companies such as TESCO, Procter & Gamble, Sainsbury’s, Reckitt, Boots etc.

We did not think we stood a chance at reaching the finals but were selected by the judges for ‘Best New Concept’ and ‘Innovation of the Year’.

The Virofex will be sold exclusively in the UK through Dental Directory and Topdental Products Ltd.

If you are interested in knowing how the Virofex gets on in the final please drop an e-mail to or visit

Topdental Products Ltd : Tel : 01535 652 750

9 October 2012
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